On Assignment: Kate & Shaun

My latest engagement shoot brought with it some interesting opportunities, in the form of new kit!! Sadly, the quickly failing light and long walks around Olympic Park gave me little reason to use any of said kit… so in the end I decided to create my own reasons…

Kate and Shaun were a recommendation from recent satisfied customers, and I have to say they were an awesome couple to shoot. I was kinda worried at first when Kate brought her Mum along, as I thought this might make things a little weird when we got to the kissy pictures. I quickly learnt that Kate’s Mum, though not speaking a word of English (she was Russian) was also ready to be snapped!

We got into an easy-going groove with the photos, and even though we shot in the same location as my earlier shoot there were enough unique spots to give us a completely different feel. Besides, the autumn colours on the trees and the slightly colder day gave pretty much every shot a totally different feel than the blazing sun and blue skies of my last experience in this location.

Kate and Shaun seemed to have fun, though after the first hour I think everyone’s energy levels started to drop (Olympic Park is a huge place, and we did some serious walking). It was easy to keep spirits up though as Shaun had a wicked sense of humour, which led to some great candids as they laughed and joked together.

Once again; a great couple, an awesome day and some fun pictures. Check out the rest here.

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