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On Assignment: Tasche Family Shoot

It never rains, but it pours… (A JUG! – If you get that reference you’re either already my friend, or should be!)

Yep, things are getting busy over here – seems like October is the month of photo-shoots… or at least, it’s looking that way for me!

Anyway – on to the reason you’re here… pictures!

Meet the Tasches – the latest victims clients of Pictures By Jay…

The Tasches recently took a Sunday afternoon stroll around St Peter’s Rec-Plex with me, and we took a few pictures along the way…

You may be having deja-vu round about now… because one of these faces is familiar… Yep – we doubled up on this shoot – which just meant more fun taking pictures for everyone involved! hahahha

Lucky for me the Tasches were, in every way, awesome… and this shoot was a breeze! As you can tell, they’re a very photogenic bunch…

Thanks to all involved! Enjoy the pictures!

J :)

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On Assignment: Carly’s Senior Shoot

In the words of the Zombies “It’s the time of the season…” – (give yourself a pat on the back for aweosme taste if you get that reference) – Yes, Senior picture time… again! ha!

Meet Carly – one of the most smilingest smiley people I’ve ever met. Seriously, look at that grin!

Carly is a lucky girl. Very lucky. We were this close to trying to do her senior pictures in the rain… literally… this close…

And then we rescheduled, and got this…

We could not have asked for a nicer day – blue skies, warm sun and hardly a cloud in the sky… perfect shooting weather!

I also was very lucky on this shoot… In the middle of the shoot, I managed to swing my camera bag up onto my shoulder while it was still open!! There was a horrible moment of indecision as I stood watching both my ND filters and my 35mm lens rolling towards the pond we were shooting at… needless to say, I lunged for the lens. Happily, I caught it in time, and the pond wasn’t too deep so I was able to recover my filters too! Lesson learnt – ALWAYS close the camera bag before moving!

Anyway – enough waffle, more pictures…

As always, if you or someone you know would like to have their pictures taken by me – get in touch here on the website, or via facebook.

J :)

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