On Assignment: Rakers Newborn Shoot


It’s baby-time again!!

This little guy caused some serious issues… First of all, he arrived a tad earlier than expected, making things kinda tough when it came to scheduling! (How inconsiderate, right??)

Luckily, there weren’t any major issues with his early arrival, and he is now a happy, healthy and very curious little boy…


Have I mentioned how cute he is?? Seriously, look at this guy… You wouldn’t think he didn’t like having his picture taken would ya?? Maybe it was my annoying flash or annoying laugh, but he REALLY didn’t take to the model role!! Ha!

Luckily he passed out towards the end of our final session, which meant we could try and get some ‘sleepy face’ shots… much better than ‘grumpy face’.

Two people who most definitely don’ty have ‘grumpy face’ are Mum and dad – two very proud parents, who adore their little bundle… An amazing family.


J   :)

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