On Assignment: Emily’s Senior Shoot

In our latest Senior session, our subject brought backup… lots of backup!!

Yep, she brought her whole family along!! And let’s not forget the dog and boyfriend… (Or should that be the boyfriend and the dog??) Luckily for us though, these guys were just as much fun as Emily, and she was a barrel of laughs…

We wandered around Forest Park, doing our thing and giggling away… it always makes things seem so much easier and more enjoyable when you can laugh your way through a shoot.

And even though the weather wasn’t the greatest, we muddled through and made the best of it… and seriously, would you even know poor Emily was freezing her ass off??

It’s not that I like to torture my clients… But seriously, how awesome is that sunset?? Not my fault its rather chilly…

Besides, she didn’t seem to mind! HA!

Another fabulous shoot with another amazing senior…



J   :)

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