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Comic Con Fun-Ness

So yeah… this weekend was all about the Con, and nerdiness, and me taking a ton of pictures… Here is my roundup of all things St Louis Comic Con…   First Off – The Artists   I saw this guy’s sign, and made a beeline… Ben Sawyer, folks…   I’ve been an admirer of Ben’s […]

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HF – St Louis Comic Con

Comic Con   That should really be all I need to say here. It’s Friday, and tomorrow I go to St Louis Comic Con. Nothing more should be necessary. That alone makes it all happy and smiley up in the world of Jay. But… for those who require more of a time killer… Let em […]

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HF – Summertime, and the living is easy…

Okay, okay… so it’s not summer yet… but with Daylight Savings, I get to arrive home in daylight, and that makes me think of summer, swimming pools, and barbecues…     Summer also means I get to go outside and play with my camera more, and it means other people want to play too – […]

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HF – Smithsonian Photo Contest

  Just one thing today… This has been blowing my mind all week… Every year, the Smithsonian Magazine runs a submitted photography contest. Among the finalists is this shot…   To kill five minutes of your day today – go to the Smithsonian site and check out some of the most amazing photography I’ve ever […]

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HF – Journals, Office Space and Geek Chic

It’s that time again… Happy Friday!!     Journals of The Dark Side The Darth Side: Memoirs of a Monster A friend introduced me to these recently… and I have to say, it is quite possibly my favourite ever fan fiction… Granted, that’s not saying a lot as most fan fiction involves the erotic adventures […]

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