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I’m a photographer, and occasionally people hire me to take their pictures – this is where I document those sessions.

On Assignment: Rachel’s Senior Shoot

It’s not every High School Senior who will hang out in a park on a cold November morning and still look stunning… but when you find one, it’s always a pleasure to take their picture. Rachel was definitely one of those – photogenic, happy, and an absolute trooper in the cold!



It was a beautiful day – despite the cold – and we made the most of it. I think Rachel handled the cold best out of everyone, perhaps because she cheers for Lindbergh High School Flyers Ice Hockey team – surely hanging out at an ice rink all winter builds up the cold resistance??


Either way, you can’t deny that this particular senior rocked the whole session – cold and all…

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J :)

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Allison & Jon: Engagement Shoot

Every now and again, I get asked by friends to do some photo-related work… This always makes me happy, because it means my friends trust me enough to capture these memories and moments for them!

And these two definitely had to have a little faith…

To say that Allison & Jon were a little “camera-shy” would be an understatement. I think Jon is the first guy I know who had to have a little dutch courage before the photo-session. So I did my best to put them at ease by taking them somewhere they felt comfortable  - A comic book store.

At this point, I have to give a shout out to the awesome people at Star Clipper, on Delmar. Not only did they let me in, with all my gear, to do a quick photo-shoot – but they also continue to be one of the friendliest, knowledgeable and welcoming comic book stores I’ve encountered. Kudos, guys and gals – you rock.

And on top of that – my plan worked – give them both a comic book, and suddenly my reticent subjects forgot that they were being pictured!!

Once we had everyone comfortable and relaxed, we floated around Delmar Blvd and got some fun shots of these two goofing off, and generally being themselves.


And then I went in for the kill… roof of a parking garage, sunset skies behind… this was gonna be awesome…

But, of course, Jon just HAD to ruin my moment, and go out of his way to goof off.

 As you can tell… Allison is a lucky girl.


Thanks for letting me make you uncomfortable guys – Hope you like the pictures!



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On Assignment: Sam’s Senior Session

It’s not often I get to shoot guys – it’s mostly the ladies who come to me for Senior pictures – but this year kicked off with a true gent in front of my lens… Meet Sam…


Sam is off to join the Navy after Graduation… a fact that fills his poor Mum with pride and a little but of fear… But I think he’ll do just fine… I think the only issue he may have is finding a good golf course once he’s on board a ship…


The whole shoot, Sam was one of the most polite, friendly, and eager young men I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. His mum had warned me that he wasn’t a fan of having his picture taken, so the fact that we had such an awesome session, and got such great pictures, only stands as a testimony to the quality of his character…

I wish him all the best in his training, and look forward to the inevitable “whites” shoot his mum will surely make him endure once he’s finished…




J   :)

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On Assignment: Chris & Amanda’s Engagement

What a way to start the New Year… How about an engagement session, given as a gift?? Oh, alright then…

These two seemed happy with the deal…

Look at those smiles… These two are obviously very happy together…and who can blame them??



Despite the freezing temperatures (hey, it’s January in St. Louis… what dya expect??) we managed to get some amazing images.



J    :)

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On Assignment: Icy’s Senior Shoot

And here it is… The final sneak peek of the year…

Just in time for the holidays!!

World, meet Icy – a girl with one of the best smiles I’ve seen so far…





 Happy holidays folks – enjoy the last few weeks of the year…


J  :)

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